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Dance Moves Sold Separately

Who is AlexP703?

I’m Alex. This is my website to display the personal side of me, Alex Penaloza. All of my WordPress and Digital Marketing Services will be displayed on the FirelabsDC site. FirelabsDC is be up and running soon… Like for real!


I was placed on earth to annoy my sister ;P. I love my Family.


Toby has the pee of ten men and wakes up too early… HELP!


I slept on a C++ book in 1999. Does that count?


All jokes aside I do care about people in need.

This isn’t me

Cool Plants though

Don’t mind me, just having fun. Nothing to see here…

Check out Cool Stuff – KPIs met!

Meme Gallery

Complexity Made Even Harder

Said by none of my clients!


Working everyday to perfect the craft. Diving head first into WordPress Community.


Solutions tailored to your individual business. Common sense plans based on data.

Great guy

At least my mom thinks I’m cool. I will post on my adventures with Toby and life. Stay tuned!

Contact me… Maybe

Coming Soon… Promise… Toby says Hello!… Enjoy the island that looks like a heart.

I’m the guy in the tree.

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