Here I plan on presenting my experience and skills through detailed explanations of what I offer.

WordPress Professional

Digital Marketer

I have been tinkering with WordPress for three years. As I progress in my WP Journey, I'm totally vested in always learning new techniques along the way. Digital marketing is the skill I used to jump into the tech industry. Ultimately, I plan on perfecting both skills. My future goal for WordPress is to jump into the code. I would love to jump into writing custom themes and plug-ins one day.

Digital Marketing

3 Years in the Making

It all started with google ads about ten years ago. I was an estimator for a tree company looking for leads. Then, I dreamed about managing campaigns and digging into website marketing. I then took udemy courses which I still take now to improve my skills. I plan in being in tech for the long haul.

Three years ago, I dove into the freelance world. My experience has been part-time but I'm very thankful for all my prior clients for giving me a chance. Digital marketing will always stay close to one of my favorite skills. Digital marketing has an array of components, and I love learning about them.


Getting it done with WP

WordPress is a journey I would never expect to take. It all started when I wanted to create websites. I then took classes at my local community college to learn about HTML and CSS. WordPress is a way I could make websites that captivated me because of the ease of it and the way multiple people can use the site. Now I'm digging into the codex to learn new ways to

work with WordPress. I'm progressing by learning the inner workings of WordPress and keeping up with the WordPress community. I attend WordPress meetups when I can. Now, I'm confident in my WordPress skills to deliver a great project. Also, I keep update with new plugins and security among my SEO skills. I specialize in On-page SEO for WordPress sites.

WordPress Skills

My favorite thing is to work with WordPress. I have strong knowledge in setting up WP sites using C-panel and Plesk. I have a list of favorite plugins I used for most every site I build. For WordPress Page builders I have worked with Elementor, Brizy, WP bakery and Divi to name a few. For on-page SEO I have used Yoast and Rank Math. I also use many ways to speed up sites and I can hammer our content for your business needs. WP Security is also one of the things I love to learn about. I plan on working with WordPress for a long time.

On-Page SEO

From speeding up sites to tweaking components of pages to improve site performance and ability to rank higher. I have been doing SEO for clients for about three years.


I'm a firm believer of backing up sites on multiple levels. I'm not too bad at troubleshooting sites either. I also perform updates with care to make sure sites don't break from major updates.


From writing content to presenting content for WordPress. I know how to tweak content for SEO gains and I love to write captivating copy.

The WordPress Way

My goals with WordPress is to create responsive themes and useful plugins for clients in the future. I also plan on attending many more WordPress meet ups so I can learn more.

Marketing Skills

Digital Marketing has many facets. I specialize in WordPress On-Page SEO, Google ads and writing content for site along with blog writing for businesses. I have worked with a social media marketing agency. I delivered content for social postings, SEO for client sites and content writing for website. In the past, I had a couple small clients ranging from a Gold Bullion Dealer to a Wood Rot specialist. I'm getting back into the swing of things and currently seeking new opportunities.

Pay per Click

I'm most versed in search advertising with Google Ads. From reports to re-marketing, I perform many beneficial tasks to boost quality score with targeted ad copy and landing page content.


From speeding up WordPress sites to writing SEO optimized content and enhancing page attributes, I optimize WordPress sites for top ranking results. I follow a detailed audit checklist in conjunction with SEO tools to deliver the best for clients.

Content Writing

I have written for lawyers, tree services, ERP software, and more. From blogs to emails and website copy, I always try to write at my best ability. I write thoughtful content not cheap run of the mill content.

Tools I Use

SEM Rush, Spy Fu, GTMetrix, Moz Local, Google Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, ADrefs, Hemmingway app, Hubspot, Slack, Google Search Console, Google My Business, and more.

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